Ownership is not a must, but it is a plus!
Welcome to the official Galaxie Club of Canada website!

The Galaxie Club of Canada will be hosting a car show in 2018, which leaves lots of time to get your vehicles ready!
Please don't worry if you do not own a Ford Galaxie, or your baby is not working yet, come with us anyways! We need to reconnect with the purpose of this club, which is our love of this amazing vehicle! 
We want your pictures!! Send us photos of your Ford Galaxie regardless of what state it is in! Timelines of restoring your Ford Galaxies would be a great addition to the website and will showcase your car! 
The Website is still a work in progress because of all the reorginization of the club. If I have missed anything or there is a demand for me to add something particular to the site just let me know! There are many more updates to come in the next few months, so be sure to check back often!

Site updated as of September 2017