Ownership is not a must, but it is a plus!
Club Charter

  • The Galaxie Club of Canada is a group of car enthusiests who love to preserve, restore, and appreciate Ford Galaxie's.

  • Our ACTING President is Mark Gazzola.
  • Meetings will take place on the first Tuesday of every month, at the A&W in Coquitlam off Loughheed Highway.
  • The purpose of the meeting is to keep in touch with other members, discuss upcoming and past events, the future of the club, and about the repair and restoration of our cars.

  • All meetings will be directed by the President of the club, ACTING President, Mark Gazzola.

  • Mission Statement

  • Thou shalt strive to preserve and restore Ford Galaxie cars

  • Thou shalt help other Ford Galaxie owners preserve and restore their cars

  • Thou shalt share your wisdom regarding Ford Galaxies

  • Thou shalt attend car shows with enthusiasm

  • Thou shalt show off your restored Ford Galaxies in public

  • Thou shalt have fun and maintain enthusiasm when restoring your Ford Galaxie (no matter how much you want to set fire to it everytime something goes wrong)

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